So what's this all about anyway?

An online Story Magazine

ABout Story64Story64 aspires to be a trove of storytelling. We want readers to spend a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and their favorite digital reader turned to Story64. We want to be diverse, connecting readers to their favorite genre or author. We want Story64 to urge friendly, thought-provoking discussions. Readers inspire writers to write, so if you enjoy a story, please let its author know. Writers appreciate being published, but making connections by virtue of their craft is even more rewarding. Story64 is community enabled, setup for social interaction and collaboration amongst writers. You must be logged into Story64 in order to participate. A free account can be created via our Registration Page. Please feel free to explore and communicate with others.

For writers and storytellers, Story64 is a haven for you to flex your creativity. If you are interested in contributing to Story64, please visit the Submissions section of our website.



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