Author: Kaitlin Rose



Illustration by Pascal Campion

I bumped you with my bike. That was how we met; some introduction, huh?

I don’t remember what you said then… something that made me laugh.

I know you have forgotten.

I promise I will always keep reminding you, telling you tales of the man that I love.

Because, even if you don’t remember, even so much as his name, you are that man.

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The Hollywood Expiration Date

Have you noticed the Hollywood expiration date?

If you are a guy, maybe not. If you are a girl, you probably have. Have you noticed that the best female actors in the world suddenly start disappearing right around age 40?

It’s been around since the golden age of Hollywood, the classic age gap. Take Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face (1957); he was 58. Hepburn was 28, a 30 year age gap. No one thinks of it as strange, because that is the norm. Other examples are Frankenstein (1931): Colin Clive was 21 years older than Mae Clarke.

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The Empty

Illustration by Anon D’mowlse

A blank page.

That’s the scariest thing.

The need to fill the space.

The compulsion to make it less…


Because the empty can swallow you

The empty will eat you alive

The empty speaks of forgetting

The empty speaks of things to do

Of the lost and the unfinished.

That’s why the empty scares us.

More than anything.

That is why

The empty.

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