Author: Anthyr Astolis


The Bucket List

“Wow.” William’s gaze shifts to the floor. He rubs hard at his brow; his hand noticeably tremors. “So, what does this mean?” William asks.

The doctor crosses his hands and rests them on his desk. “Well, Bill, it means you have a second chance at life. This only happens in a very small percentage of cases.”

“I guess I should feel relieved. It just feels… strange. Not sure what I should do.” A swell of uncertainty rises to the back of William’s mouth.

“It’s been a long road. Take a deep breath, and then let that cross slide off the crutch of your shoulders.

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A Manhattan Tide

A spectrum ranging from bizarre to absurd

A pinch of perverse excitement

to a legion of greed with violent undertone

A trifle of coerced romance

leads to suspicions of provoked, but nostalgic liaisons

Epidemic insomnia

under a requiem of painted faces

pleased by feverish adventure for the macabre

garnished with widespread harmony and

plagued by ignorance-bliss

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Wedding Day Portrait

Bonded ox-hairs wet into a smear of ashen-pearl. Victor muses over his listless subject… her flat-sable gaze and overwhelming pungency. Over peaked shades of plum, he delicately strokes, asserting the translucence of her skin. THUDDD!!! She topples hard from the chaise. Victor unwieldy jigs across his canvas, cursing, “Thorns and nails!”

“Yyyyyg! Fetch more rope forthwith. And a tighter knot this time!” singing smartly.



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The Ticker Regatta 0

The Ticker Regatta

Casey hopelessly flounders behind his younger rival who suddenly lifts his oars and stands, letting’er run; they share a reverent gaze as Casey overtakes him.

Casey awakens to a sore chest and his doctor listening to his heart. “She’s sounding strong, Case.”

“And the donor, Doc?”

“College kid. Smart…an athlete, I think.”


Doc reels, startled. “Yeah.”

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