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Illustration by Pascal Campion

I bumped you with my bike. That was how we met; some introduction, huh?

I don’t remember what you said then… something that made me laugh.

I know you have forgotten.

I promise I will always keep reminding you, telling you tales of the man that I love.

Because, even if you don’t remember, even so much as his name, you are that man.

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Paddock Magic

When I was a little girl, from the moment I stepped out of bed, I would be off and running to the neighborhood park. Paddock Park was my daily trip to the moon. Some of my most cherished memories are of Paddock, and I have often dreamed of the day I would pass the memories down to my children.

I was all but a glimpse to my mother as I scurried past her to my treasured Huffy, pink with sapphire trim. Paddock was a straight shot from my house. My pedaling, impatient and frenzied, reflected my anticipation. Paddock could be heard before it could be seen,

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Sirius shone one evening, and I thought about the girl in the white dress with a little dog tucked under her arm.

Why do you cosset that animal so, my love?

Now she engaged in serious conversation with friends.

A valorous volley of muffled barks woke me, or was it my wife’s sibilant snore? Either way, my happiness was not written in the stars.

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