People with Special Needs

People with Special Needs can submit 64 word stories for publication consideration.People from all walks of life enjoy writing stories. Due to the finicky nature of editors, getting a story published can be rather daunting. If you know someone with a disability that enjoys writing stories, we have carved out an area expressly for them. Not all stories will be published; stories must still be 64 words in length and tell a story or illustrate something interesting. Providing a little help is allowed 🙂

Please feel free to share this page with a friend or loved one that would enjoy submitting a story.

Please review our criteria, listed below, before submitting your story. When submitting, please expect up to a 60 day turnaround for a decision. Every submission will receive a reply. We accept electronic submissions only.

Grammar: Apart from literary creativity, Story64 reserves the right to correct overt mistakes to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Do not use bold or underlines. Appropriately used italics is allowed.


  • Format? Stories must be exactly 64 words long using our Word Counter Page.
  • Multiple Submissions? Yes. Multiple Submissions are allowed up to 3 pending at a time. Please do not combine submissions, however. Send each story separately.
  • Simultaneous Submissions? Yes, but please remember to request a withdrawal of your story. You can request a withdrawal of a submission any time prior to an issuance of acceptance from Story64 using our Story Withdrawal Page.
  • Reprints? No. We consider a story previously published if it has been in print or listed publicly anywhere on the internet including blogs, Facebook, or forums.
  • Rights Story64 Retains? First Electronic Rights, Archival Rights.

DON’T GET BLACKLISTED: Please follow all submission and story criteria. Authors not submitting within our carefully laid out guidelines, can potentially be blacklisted from Story64. Visit our Don’t Get Blacklisted Page for further details.

WORD COUNTER: Here is our word counter; feel free to use this to double-check your story submission.

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