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A word is dead

when it is said,

some say.

I say it just begins

to live that day.

– Emily Dickinson is a haven for writers to flex their creativity by framing original stories into exactly 64 words…no more, no less. Any story not 64 words in length will be rejected for not meeting our criteria.

Writing a compelling, creative, or thought-provoking story, while restricted by a word count, tests our resourcefulness and talent as writers. Superfluous words become expendable, yielding to more expressive words in our effort to achieve…well, perfection.

The word VERY says to the word THAT, "You shoulda zigged when you zagged." THAT quips back, "Yeah, like your story ain't numbered."

It takes creativity to prune a story to exactly 64 words,
and it doesn’t come without casualties.

If you’ve never tried writing a short story, aka Flash Fiction, or a poem within a word count, give it a try. The constant tinkering with words in order to squeeze as much life into your story is a very rewarding process. It’s also a great exercise to improve your writing. Even if you are writing an epic novel, ridding your book of its excess will free up pages for more storytelling, and your readers will appreciate you for it.


Before you can submit a story, you must be logged into Story64. A free account can be created via our Registration Page. Once you are logged in, Story submissions are taken via the Submissions Page. To increase your story’s chance of being published, please take care in reading the submission guidelines. We accept all genres and formats including poems. We are looking for well-written, interesting reads that we believe readers will enjoy reading; however, we expect to have a large volume of submissions of which we will only publish the crème de la crème.


Having your flash fiction published comes with benefits! Five published stories gets you a profile on the Authors Page. As an Author (if you have a published book), you will have a host of options including having your book featured on Story64 along with a listing in our bookstore. By helping us build a quality site, we hope to return the favor by providing you with exposure. Story64 Authors can also submit reprints of any of their stories, of any length, to be showcased on the site. Authors will also have the option to take part in judging contests.

Check out the Contests Page. We will run a variety of contests to boost the quality of Story64’s content. Contests rewards include cash, an author profile, book listings, and other rewarding items.

A Spotlight Story will be featured atop of the Home Page. There is no set criteria other than that of something unique or intriguing. This story could be either a story recently published or a new submission.

Community Enabled:

Ultimately, we want to help writers collaborate and share experiences. Story64 is setup for social interaction and collaboration which gives our website a community component. Please feel free to explore and communicate with others.

Contact Us:

Please feel free to forward any questions, comments, or suggestions via our Question or Comment Page; however, due to time constraints, requests on submission statuses or rejection feedback will be dismissed.


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